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Selection of puppy

You have to understand that I mean to keep the best puppy in every litter for myself.
That is my reason for breeding at all, to get a good puppy for the future.

If the sire is not owned by me, the owner may require a stud fee puppy, in this case you may be able to have the third choice of the litter. Maybe.

Waiting list

There is almost always a waiting list. Some of the people on the list have been waiting for years for the right pup to come their way.

As the breeder, I reserve my right to be able to choose what puppy goes where.
Breeders waiting for a puppy of a certain combination, getting a puppy for breeding purposes, will have a better chance of getting one of the best puppies than anybody else.

I will also try to find you the puppy with a personality that fits your personality, life conditions, family, other animals, housing etc

Some litters may be born at the "wrong time of the year", the wrong genders, colors etc, so there may be a puppy or two left when the waiting list has been offered puppies first.

Don't expect to always be able to get a puppy from a current litter at Starcastle Hounds right away, Silken Windhounds are much too rare to just be available at every given time.

If I don't have any available puppies for you, I will send you to other breeders in Europe that may, but even if you count all of Europe in, you will find Silken Windhounds to be a very rare breed indeed.


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