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About the kennel and breeding

All litters are born in and live in my own house.
It is a small scale breeding program so far, until now it has been 6 litters in 7years.

I prefer my girls to be at least 3 years old before breeding them. Partly because they are not in my opinion fully mature in both body and mind until that age, but also because the 3+ year interval between generations helps me evaluate the health and longevity in the generations before them.

So far it has not been possible for me to breed every year, I do not have that many dogs. Sometimes I just have to wait until the right girl comes of age.

In spite of the best intentions, years of planning a certain combination, something always seem to happen to change plans at the very last minute.
Sometimes those well thought out reasons for a combination can't be realised for some practical reason like you did not get the male to Sweden in time for breeding or something along those lines.
Well, Francie Stull always said the fate of the breed has been in the paws of the dogs themselves, she did not have so much to do with it as you might think ;-)

The decision to breed a dog at all has to come from somewhere and health and temperament are the 2 top priorities on my list for breeding selections.
That comes before conformation and any other faults or virtues the dog may have.


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