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My name is Susann Stjernborg, Starcastle Hounds is the name of my kennel.
The name itself is derived from my name Stjernborg wich more or less means Star Castle.
A "borg" is really a medieval stronghold, think "stoney fortress, very thick walls".

I live with my little Silken Windhound kennel on the countryside outside the city of Finspång, in central Sweden.
It is 2 hours south of the capital, Stockholm.

Sussi with puppy Dimma

The dogs live with me in the house, or maybe you could say I am the one living in the dog house since the house is surrounded with fences for the dogs.

Right now I have 9 Silken Windhounds belonging to me at home, representing several generations of the same family, plus imports. In addition to the dogs at home I also co-own or fully own other Silken Windhounds, mostly imports, living in Sweden as well as abroad

I have been involved with Silken Windhounds since 1992 when I discovered them through an ad in the magazine Borzoi International.

My first imports were bought in 1998, they came to Sweden in March 1999 after 6 months of "quarantine" in Germany where they lived with Edith Titze at kennel Spirit of the Tsar. 

I bred my first Silken Windhound litter in 2001.

Sussi with Borzoi Sahejevs Shestoj Shetan

Before the Silkens I had Borzoi for many years, since the 1980's although I did not breed them














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