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Since I've been involved with Silken Windhounds long before they ever technically became a breed (closing of the studbooks) I feel a certain responsibility toward the breed itself and not just to my own breeding program. Especially the continued development of the breed, in Sweden foremost and Europe second.

Quality begets quality and in USA the number of potential dogs for breeding are increasing toward a point where breeding can be directed to breeding top quality dogs as a breeding goal. In Europe we are very far from that. With only some 50 dogs here we still have to breed for diversity first of all, using all the sound and healthy dogs we have.

We need to produce a much larger basic genepool from where we can go on to furthering the qualities of the breed later on. To breed for potential show rings only, would at this point be disastrous for us.

For this reason I do not strive to breed top quality dogs, but dogs that are good representatives of the breed and dogs that can first of all be used in Sweden to help the delevopment of the Swedish population but also for Europe. This will contribute to the building of a strong foundation for the future and make it easier for new fanciers and breeders to make wise choices when it comes to breeding selections, without having to import for every combination. As long as import is the only alternative for breeding, the numbers of breeders will grow very slowly, and of course this negatively affects the number of Silkens born...

True, Silken Windhounds are not recognised anywhere in Europe except for Slovenia, and this is not helping us to grow. But there are always fanciers who really are interested in the breed, if I can help remove the obstacles they face with imports (financial as well as all the hassle) and make sure there are dogs to choose from at home, then it is worth it. To help build the European foundation of the breed really is my mission.

In accordance with this I work with other breeders in Europe, except for exchanging puppies and try to use each others males responsively and without excess, several of us also plan future imports together. This way we ensure more imports will really be of use to the existing population in a most optimal way

Silkens owned by me but not bred by me, never carry my kennel name.
Only dogs bred by me carry my kennel name.

Dogs bred by me will not be registered with another kennel name added.
My puppies already have a kennel name. Period.


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