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Silken Windhounds are registered in one international registry, for all Silken Windhounds in all countries.

The registry of International Silken Windhound Society is a two tiered system. The registry or studbook, was officially closed in the year 2000, not allowing any more crosses to dogs outside this registry.

All puppies are registered with the first level registration.

In order to be eligible for registering offspring, the dog must have a second level registration. To obtain a second level registration, the dog must be evaluated as an adult and be considered to be of breeding quality. It also needs a DNA-profile, presently by MMI Genomics Inc.

Only the breeder of the dog can register the dog.

Only the breeder of the dog can apply for raising a dog to a second level registration.
The evaluation of the adult dog is done primarily by the breeder, in real life or by a good video tape if distance does not allow the dog to be brought to the breeder for evaluation.
The breeder may designate the evaluation function for a particular dog to another member of the ISWS, but is under no obligation to do so

Unless the dog is sold as an adult with a second level registration, the owner who intends to breed his or her Silken Windhound must get the approval by evaluation from the breeder, the breeder then applies for raising the dog to second level registration.
All fees to be paid by the owner of the dog.

Offspring from a Silken Windhound who is not registered, cannot be reinstated as Silken Windhounds; these dogs are lost to the breed and not considered purebreds.


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