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Nuna, Kristull Annunciata

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The first known art
by Susann Stjernborg, Kennel Starcastle Hounds, Sweden
February 2007
Also published in the Silken Windhound Magazine

Francie with the 2 plates The first known art of Silken Windhounds are the plates commissioned by me for the very first Silkenfest in 1999, that was also the day we founded ISWS, the International Silken Windhound Society.

That first Silkenfest was split into two places, first day was at Possum Trot Farm, hosted by Debs Harold. The second day was at Kristull Ranch, hosted by Francie Stull. Both in Texas, USA.

One plate was ordered for each hostess, there were also more things ordered, so that everyone present would have one piece each. Unfortunately only the plates arrived and they arrived express to Possom Trot Farm that first day of Silkenfest 1999.
The artist vanished from the face of the earth and we have not been able to track her down since.

The original for the drawings on the plates was a photo taken by Francie Stull at a sighthound show in Donaueshingen in Germany in 1998, when the first Silkens arrived to Europe. It is a very unique photo, depicting 3 rare breeds in the same photo.
One Azawakh, two Silken Windhounds and two wirehaired Galgos.

Nuna and Ingot

The two Silkens are the white and red brindle Nuna, Kristull Annunciata, who came to me in Sweden after living for 6 months in Germany to finish her vaccination program in order to be able to cross the Swedish border.
The other Silken was the young male Kristull Ingot, who later went back to US with Francie.


The two plates are not identical in color. Francie got the one with a white Nuna and a red-brown Ingot and Debs got the plate showing the true colors of these Silkens.

These first plates are a symbol of our humble beginning.
Seven of us sat around Debs kitchen table, I presented the hostesses with their plates and then we divided the different jobs of the Board of Directors among us.

Francie was elected as President, Betty volunteered to be vice President, her husband John to be Treasurer, Dee was the AKC Liaision , Lucille to be Registrar, Sussi as the breeds Historian and European representative and I think Debs was secretary.

Later we decided to use the drawings as our logotype for ISWS and since I had not only ordered but also paid for a lot more then was delivered, it was decided I actually still have the ownership of that art. This is the reason why I use the picture of Nuna in my own logotype.
Nuna was mine after all :-)


It has always been the intention to get a new logotype for ISWS, something that would print better in a small size, but somehow we never got around to it.

Nuna was a very special Silken, unfortunately she died very yong before she ever was bred. Ingot was killed in an accident and he was never used for breeding either.
I like the idea of Nuna and Ingot being immortalized by appearing in our logo.
Even if the logo will be changed in the future I am sure the original logo will be seen in books and prints of our early history and these two will never be forgotten.






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