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Also shows Lizzie growing up, from new born until 1 year




Nuna, Kristull Annunciata

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Starcastle Hounds Firelizard

DOB March 22, 2001

Kennel Starcastle Hounds

Lizzie is the first Silken Windhound born in Europe

Color: self red, born with black mask and overlay
Size: 54 cm/21.3 inches
MDR1 affected (double carrier)
Heart - normal
Eyes - normal at age 2 and 7
Thyroid - normal
HD - excellent

Last vertebra - minimal deviation



Lizzie is named after the Firelizards from the books of the Dragons of Pern, author Ann McCaffrey.
As Ann McCaffrey is not pleased with everyone using her characters for just about everything, I obtained the permission of Ann McCaffrey to use her characters for names for my future puppies long before Lizzie was born.

We even discussed a proper kennel name, based on the Pern characters but in the end I went with Starcastle Hounds (my name means star fortress) instead

I am forever grateful and indebted to Ann McCaffrey for this honor!


Lizzies pedigree

Kristull Northern Lights

Kristull Incognito Kristull Decadence
Windauer Kristull Windsong
Kristull Darque Decision Windsprite Autumnal Xenon
Stillwater Kristull Peacock
Kristull Omniscense
Kristull Feathered Wonder Kristull Falcone
Windauer Sadie of Rhyka
Windauer Kristull Windsong Windsprite Autumnal Woodwine
Kristull Amalie







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